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Jane Lauder, Clinique Global Brand President, recently welcomed the Clinique acclaimed dermatologists from all over the world to Skinnovation in New York. This experiential immersion focused on Clinique’s Clean Philosophy, dermatologist heritage, product development to highlight the innovation, science, and rigorous testing that goes into all of Clinique's skincare and makeup formulas.


Lead graphic designer of 70+ typographic and print production needs including branded assets, large scale graphics, product display, and mixing trays.​


Across two days, 28 beauty gurus embarked on one incredible journey to understand their personalized Clinique ID and foundation formula. Clinique's #Skinnovation gathered over 3,700 posts on Instagram. 


One of the influencers said, "I’m still on a high from this trip and seriously cannot believe the level of detail paid to the moments created for our crew. Truly something special and will not be forgotten” – @sashaexeter


Photos and videos of events were not shot or edited by Arianna.

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