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Kate, Editor in Chief

You might notice a theme here, as chilling waterside with a frosty ice cream and salty hair, don’t care, is where you will find Kate in summer. Of course, we want to make sure your dog also lives the sweet life so her picks combine three of a dog’s favorite things: splashing, dashing and lapping. From the puppy plunge pool that brings the cool on a hot July day to a fetch toy that’s made for the beach all topped off with a sweet summery treat, fun in the sun is the reason for the season!  


Steph, Executive Editor

This summer, Steph is in a retro state of mind. After all, the best summers were the ones when we were kids and got two glorious months off from school. Most of her picks tap into some of the biggest pop culture trends of decades past and all offer pets a way to stay cool (literally or figuratively) all summer long.


Ciara, Senior Editor

Summer is Ciara’s favorite season—what’s not to love about warm, sunny weather? For her, summer is a time to let loose and find fun new ways to play. That vibe also extends to her furry fam: Zeno, a Rat Terrier mix, and cat Manny. They’re both senior pets who make the most of the season in their own unique ways (with a little help from some fun new toys and apparel).  


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Camp Chewy: Editors' Picks


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Best Of Series: Dog Mom Gifts


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Best Of Series: Black Friday Deals


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